NEW YORK - The MTA is touting its best on-time performance in six years.

Transit officials say the subway was on schedule nearly 80 percent of the time last month.

According to the MTA, weekday train delays have decreased 35 percent and commuters are spending 34 fewer seconds on platforms.

Transit President Andy Byford is crediting signal upgrades for the improvements.

But some commuters say they're skeptical of the numbers.

"I believe once we have complete renewed signaling in New York, we can and we should be looking for high nighties with Singapore, London, Hong Kong the great systems of the world," Byford said.

"I would quite well be surprised if you said they were on time because they are never on time," said one rider.

"I think it's fine on the weekdays on the weekends its trash though," said another rider.

Transit leaders say efforts to reduce track fires from debris have been successful.

There have been 81 incidents so far this year, compared to 133 at this point in 2018.