NEW YORK - The results of a transit survey conducted by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson are out, and NY1 is getting an exclusive first look.

A majority of subway riders say they are very familiar with delayed trains.

Johnson polled more than 16,000 New Yorkers earlier this year while serving as acting Public Advocate. 

According to his survey, 55 percent of subway riders said they experience delays a few times a week; 27 percent of them say the trains are delayed every day. 

Johnson also surveyed bus riders.

They said they’re concerned about infrequent service and unreliable schedules. 

Only six percent said they were very satisfied.

While it was not a scientific survey, Johnson says it was still important to talk directly with riders.

“What we found is that the most frequent thing that people complain about were delays. I wanted to hear from riders themselves and what their experience was," Johnson added.

Johnson says he will use the results to push his proposal for municipal control of the subways, which he announced earlier this month. 

That plan would need approval by the state legislature.