A teenager accused of dragging an NYPD detective several blocks with a stolen car last year was found not guilty Monday of attempted murder, although he was found guilty of first-degree assault.

The jury in Brooklyn came to the decision around 4:30 p.m., a few hours after beginning deliberations in the case of Justin Murrell.

Prosecutors say Murrell, 16, intentionally tried to injure or kill Detective Dalsh Veve back in June 2017. Investigators said Murrell was driving a stolen car and tried to speed off as Veve was questioning him during a traffic stop in East Flatbush.

Veve held onto the car and was dragged several blocks. Veve suffered severe brain damage and is unable to walk on his own or even remember his wife and daughter.

Defense attorneys argue Murrell did not intend to injure the officer.

Veve was promoted to the rank of detective in October.