NEW YORK - Tuesday marks one year since a man set off a pipe bomb inside the subway passenger tunnel that connects Times Square to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The NYPD Transit Bureau is marking the anniversary by unveiling brand new technology at Penn Station.

Police are using body scanners, along with canine units and bag checks, to protect New Yorkers riding the A, C and E lines.

"It's a counterterrorism overlay. You'll see we have our bag checks, as well as our canine units here as well," explained NYPD Transit Inspector Raymond Porteous. "The overall goal here is to create the safest environment for our ridership, so they can get to and from work, to and from school, in the safest manner possible."

Akayed Ullah was convicted last month on six terrorism charges related to last year's attack.

The Bangladeshi immigrant had strapped a homemade pipe bomb to his body.

He set it off during rush hour in the crowded underground passageway, but he was the only person hurt.

Prosecutors say Ullah acted on behalf of the Islamic State.

He claims it was in anger over President Donald Trump.

Ullah could get life in prison when he is sentenced in April.