A new report by the Institute for Community Living sounds the alarm on an issue within the foster care system.

It says parents living in adult shelters have no direct path to reunifying with their children in foster care. Securing permanent housing is one of the biggest obstacles.

Jody Rudin, president and CEO of the Institute for Community Living joined “News All Day” to talk more on this.

ICL helps people with mental illness, substance use disorder, and developmental disabilities live more independent lives. One of the ways they connect to the issue of foster care through their Emerson Davis program that focuses on parents who are at risk of losing or have lost custody of their child.

Rudin says that the affordable housing crisis is making things even harder. Because for reunification, a mother and child would need to find a two-bedroom apartment, something that’s not easy right now.

Rudin calls for better communication between the Department of Social Services and the Administration for Children’s Services, additional programs like the Emerson Davis one they run, and more.

For more information, go to ICLInc.org.