According to the city’s health department, Black women are over nine times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

Dr. Thomasena Ellison, associate director of gynecology at Maimonides Medical Center, joined “News All Day” for the Wellness Monday segment. She says that it doesn’t matter their socio-economic status, zip code or which hospital they went to.

Ellison adds the outcomes are so poor for Black women because of unequal access to healthcare, being under or uninsured, a lack of ability to get to their healthcare clinics, childcare issues, and more.

Besides the mortality statistic mentioned about, Black women in NYC are one and a half times more likely to have an adverse outcome, which could include being admitted to the ICU, losing their uterus, excessive bleeding and more.

She notes that part of the problem is unconscious bias. She says the way to correct that is to diversify the workforce and that it’s important to advocate for yourself.

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