Much of Dr. King's legacy revolves around his belief in inclusion and unity. But we are living in the most divided time, probably since the Civil War. 

Senator Schumer talks about that division, and whether it will be possible to heal the hate and anger of the last four years. And can there be unity and healing without accountability? He talks about what needs to be done before the work of bringing the country together can begin, from the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, which Schumer, as the incoming Senate Majority Leader, will oversee, to investigations into whether members of Congress actually aided the rioters who made their way into the Capitol and found very hard-to-find offices.

He talks about his disappointment in Senators like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, seen raising his fist in solidarity with the rioters. And he speaks of his pride that, despite the insurrection, the Congress reconvened and certified the votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.