80% of Americans believe the ERA was passed years ago, or that there is already protection for women in the Constitution. In truth, “women” are only mentioned once in the document, in the 19 Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Many young women see the fight as a bit outdated. And that is why, Carol Robles-Roman says, Hunter College has taken the lead in educating the next generation about the ERA. Do we need it? Why do we need it? And why is the next generation of warriors vital to, not only getting it passed, but maintaining it into the future. Carol Jenkins talks about working with New York State, which is now aiming to pass its own ERA. Some state and local legislators are pushing to add language that would protect other groups, like LGBTQ and disabled people. And, while everyone agrees that all groups need protection, is it fair that, after nearly 100 years, women should share this moment? Our guests discuss whether a women-only ERA should be passed, then expanded, or if the time is now to open the tent and include everyone.