Gov. Kathy Hochul steps in on the potential nurses strike in New York City, asking for “binding arbitration.”

“For weeks now, we have been working tirelessly with our partners in New York City to broker negotiations between the nurses and affected hospitals and our efforts have achieved significant progress,” she wrote in a statement Sunday, citing that other hospitals called off their strikes for Monday. "Yet there remain outstanding issues at Montefiore and Mount Sinai and I am now calling for binding arbitration so that all parties can swiftly reach a resolution.”

According to the New York State Nurses Association, out of the more than 7,100 nurses, there would be 3,500 nurses from Montefiore Medical Center and 3,600 nurses from Mount Sinai Hospital that could potentially participate in the strike.

"We welcome the Governor's support in fighting for fair contracts," NYSNA said in a statement. "Nurses don't want to strike. Bosses have pushed us to strike.”

Hochul said the state’s Department of Health will continue to enforce staffing requirements under the law “to maintain the delivery of essential health care services to the community and protect patient health and safety.”

The Health Department will also ensure all providers are meeting law requirements, according to a press release.

"We will continue to work with partners and all parties so that New York City hospitals and nurses can continue to play their critical role in caring for New Yorkers,” Hochul said.

Montefiore Medical Center and Mount Sinai Hospital officials supported Hochul’s binding arbitration.

“We welcome this development as a means to reaching an equitable outcome. We hope that NYSNA’s leadership accepts the Governor’s proposal and rescinds their strike threat,” Montefiore Medical Center said in a statement.

“We expect that NYSNA will now rescind its strike notice so we can continue to work on an agreement and Mount Sinai nurses can continue caring for their patients,” Mount Sinai said in a statement.

Tentative agreements have been reached at other hospitals, including NewYork-Presbyterian, Maimonides Medical Center, Richmond University Medical Center and Flushing Hospital Medical Center, according to the NYSNA.

BronxCare Health System and The Brooklyn Hospital Center nurses reached tentative agreements early Saturday morning.

Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai Morningside reached a tentative agreement Sunday afternoon.