NEW YORK — Fifty-thousand people in New York City have received $100 for getting the COVID-19 vaccine, the city announced Thursday afternoon.

The city announced the push July 28 in attempt to incentivize more New Yorkers to get the shot amid falling vaccination rates and a concerning rise in COVID-19 cases attributed to the more dangerous delta variant.

According to the city, a majority of the people who got the $100 incentive were New Yorkers of color. As part of the breakdown:

  • 43% identified as Hispanic
  • 21% identified as Black
  • 13% identified as Asian
  • 9% identified as white

The city also reported that 23% of the people who got the $100 shots were under 18, 36% were ages 18 to 34, and 38% were ages 35 to 64.

New York City residents and employees are eligible for the $100 incentive, which is available digitally by entering an email address or through the mail for a physical prepaid debit card.

New Yorkers have seen a wide range of incentives to get the vaccine, including tickets to sporting events, cultural institutions and ferry tickets.

A day after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the $100 incentive, President Joe Biden called on states and localities to do the same.

It is not confirmed for how long the city will offer $100 for people to get vaccinated, and there is no breakdown of where the shots were administered.

About 56% of New York City residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the latest data from the city, although full vaccination rates are still under 50% in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The city says 61.8% of residents have gotten at least one vaccine dose.

The city on Thursday reported 135 new COVID-19 hospitalizations, 1,650 new cases and a 3.76% 7-day average positivity rate.


This story includes reporting from Anna Lucente Sterling and Shannan Ferry.


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