President Donald Trump gave a briefing on the coronavirus from Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

Here is what he said:

  • President Trump confirmed that two U.S. hospital ships, The Mercy and The Comfort, will be deployed in the next week, one to New York and one to the West Coast.  The ships have about 1,000 hospital rooms and surgical theatres.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development will offer immediate relief to renters and homeowners, suspending evictions until the end of April.
  • Trump announced he will invoke the Defense Production Act, which will expedite the supply of resources from industry to the military and Homeland Security.
  • He said the human clinical trial on humans is going forward in partnership with the CDC, NIH and FDA. Trump called it the fastest development of a vaccine in history.
  • Mr. Trump also announced there would also be expanded testing on a self-swab process. He says he’s asked the FDA to "cut through the red tape," saying the test would "free up a lot" of health professionals. 
  • He announced he would meet with the nation’s governors at FEMA tomorrow, and will meet with nurses this afternoon.