As recovery efforts continue in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, our Staten Islanders of the Week are stepping up to help those affected by the storm. 

It caused massive power outages, catastrophic flooding and widespread destruction. 

Hurricane Maria brought Puerto Rico to a standstill when it made landfall last month. 

And as relief efforts continue, Staten Islanders here at home are stepping up to help those affected by the storm. 

"It gives them support and encouragement that there are people out there who have their back," said FDNY Deputy Chief David Maj, our Staten Islander of the Week.  

The Rotary Club of Staten Island is teaming up with the FDNY to collect supplies for the storm victims. 

All of the items will be delivered straight to the people who need them most. 

"Communities that have been hit need our help and this was an easy way for us to get the resources they need and we're able to get them to them," said FDNY Captain Shaun Keenan, our Staten Islander of the Week.  

Donations have been pouring into the Broad Street Firehouse in Stapleton since the effort started a couple of weeks ago.  

The Rotary Club recently dropped off $1,000 worth of supplies. 

"We've been loading up these bins," said Maj. "Sometimes two or three times a day trucks come and take them away."

Organizers are calling on residents to donate batteries, first aid equipment and baby formula. 

They say the supply drive will continue until the end of the month or beyond if the need continues. 

"We're not finished, Puerto Rico is still in need," said MaryLee Montalvo, our Staten Islander of the Week. "Puerto Rico is in our thoughts and Puerto Rico is not forgotten."

And so, for joining forces here on Staten Island to help fellow Americans on another island, the relief team members are our Staten Islanders of the Week.