Every step she takes, Jessica Martinson is reminded of her late husband John.  The firefighter died in the line of duty back in 2008.


"We would run Gateway Park and I was amazed that once I started doing it that I was actually able to run," said Martinson, our Staten Islander of the Week.


Martinson continued running after her husband's death.  Eventually she fell in love with the sport and promised to take it to the next level.


"I used to joke around with him and tell him you know one day I'm gonna run the New York City Marathon and he would laugh," she said.


Martinson finally came through on that promise when she laced up for her first New York City Marathon last weekend.


"I was a little nervous at first a little hesitant thinking should I do it should I not," said Martinson.


But Martinson pushed through and crossed the finish line with her husband's spirit in mind.  But she didn't just do it for herself. She ran for a nonprofit called Answer the Call.  


The group provides financial relief to families of service men and women who died in the line of duty.


Martinson says she wanted to help the organization that helped her get through her own tragedy.


"They have been here with me from the very beginning. From the moment he passed I think it was a week after he passed a representative from the fund came to my house," said Martinson.


Martinson raised more than $4 thousand for Answer the Call.


A contribution organizers say will go a long way in helping the 600 families it serves across the city.


"It's a great support system we host events throughout the year for them to get together because really no one understands the loss they've gone through except for another person whose been in their shoes," said Lauren Profeta from Answer the Call.


Martinson says she just wants to be there for others going through what she endured seven years ago.


"When you hear of someone who has passed in the line of duty it definitely hits home and so you feel almost an obligation to put your hand out and say 'I know exactly how you're feeling,'" said Martinson.


And so, for following in her husband's footsteps to guide others on the right path, Jessica Martinson is our Staten Islander of the Week.