Gov. Kathy Hochul was in full campaign mode Monday, making several stops around New York City with just eight days to go until Election Day.

At one stop in Harlem, Hochul focused on gun violence and seized on remarks from an interview with CBS 2 where her Republican opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin called for teachers to be armed to prevent school shootings.

“People who have been involved in the fight to eradicate gun violence and get the guns off our streets and stop the slaughter are sick and tired of being used by candidates like Lee Zeldin as part of a narrative that is false,” Hochul said. “Which is that you can be tough in crime, but refuse to talk about any common sense gun legislation.”

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. Kathy Hochul campaigned in Harlem with gun control advocates Monday

  • She slammed her opponent Lee Zeldin for saying in an interview teachers should be armed and trained to prevent school shootings

  • Hochul also stopped in the East Village to campaign with local leaders

Zeldin and other Republicans have been critical of Hochul and Democrats in Albany for passing several transformative criminal justice reform bills, but not applying proper oversight.

Most bills were negotiated entirely in secret, with no public hearings. And Republicans claim it’s made streets less safe and susceptible to crime.

“So, the legislature has worked very hard to make sure that we are safe,” Hochul said. “And I’m proud to sign their bills, including the ghost gun ban we enacted a year ago. So I think you need to look at everything in context of the whole picture. And that is what’s not getting out.”

In the evening, Hochul took a swing through the East Village, stopping at a Ukrainian restaurant Veselka on Second Avenue.

She was joined by local elected officials including Assemblymember Deborah Glick, who says if there is an enthusiasm gap among Democrats for Hochul, she is not seeing it.

“I think that people are excited about electing the first woman governor,” Glick says. “I think people are clear about a pro-choice governor. A governor who believes in gun safety and a governor who is not an election denier. So, I hear from people you don’t have to worry, I’m with her.”

The latest public polls show Hochul with a six percentage point lead over Zeldin. At one time, it was double digits. So, while Zeldin is closing the gap, he has not yet caught up to Hochul.

Early voting is underway through Sunday, Nov. 6. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.