Local seventh graders from Heartland Village got a chance to meet the UN ambassador of Mexico today.

Juan Sandoval met with students from the Marsh Avenue Expeditionary Learning School. 

The event is part of the NYC Junior Ambassador's Program, a program that focuses on empowering students to become better global citizens.

The students discussed several topics such as solutions to the refugee crisis and investing in more opportunities for women.

Meanwhile, the ambassador spoke about the importance of becoming multilingual. 

"In a globalized world, people speak two or three languages. Keeping just in English is just keeping extremely restrained" Juan Sandoval the United Nations Ambassador of Mexico, said.

"It gives you a different advancement to be able to talk to people with like different languages and you get to know them more better." Arane Muraletharen from NYC Junior Ambassador said.

The school was one of twenty schools from around the city picked for the program.