Three couples competed for a $10K engagement ring in the 7th Annual 'Race to the Ring' held by Staten Island's Casale Jewelers Friday.  

NY1's Lisa Voyticki shows us how far the lovebirds were willing to go for the prize.

The road to the altar can be an uphill battle, but when it comes to a free engagement ring, some couples will do almost anything.

Especially when that ring is worth $10,000.

 ​Friday the 7th annual 'Race for the Ring' competition was held at the Hilton Garden Inn on South Avenue.  

It was organized by Casale Jewelers.

About 60 couples applied online, and only three were chosen to compete.

The selected couples participated in several mental and physical obstacles, including putting together a puzzle with no edges and finding the four balls in a bouncy tent that spell 'ring.'

 “We just went through a jumpy house completely blindfolded and we had no idea how to get through it," said Vanessa Vitalone of Rosebank.   "Thank God for my family, my friends to help us get through it.”

Vitalone started dating Michael Konzcyski two years ago after he asked her out on Facebook. They first met in person through friends.

The couple says this challenge is another place where they hope persistence will pay off.

“I have her so I already won but I want to win it for her,” said Konzcyski.

Organizers say the same skills the couples use to win the race are the same skills they'll use once they're married.

“Being in a relationship is challenging, working together as couples through thick and thin is a major part of any relationship and we put them to the test," said Cory Schifter, owner of Casale Jewelers.

The outcome of the final race left Sam Toscano, a Great Kills native, in tears. That’s because after she and her boyfriend George Sayegh won the entire competition he proposed with the prize.

"Amazing, there's really no words right now," said Toscano, moments after getting engaged.

The couple met ten months ago on Tinder.

They're thinking of getting married in June of 2019.​