He's been predicting the weather for decades, now the borough's own rodent meteorologist is the star of a new book. 

Deputy Borough President Ed Burke wrote a children's book called "Groundhog Chuck Builds a Weather Station." 

The story follows Staten Island Chuck and his animal friends as they work to form a weather-tracking team. 

Burke says the book is a fun read with lots of scientific facts and keywords about animals and climate. 

"When parents read along with their children and they come up to those kind of weather terms, that's a great opportunity to teach a child what a thermometer does, what a barometer does and why a wind vane is important," Burke said. 

"This is a fantastic read for children it teaches them about Chuck and meteorology - it's gonna be a great educational tool," said Zoo Director Ken Mitchell. 

The book is available at the zoo's gift shop. All proceeds will go toward future educational programs.