It's "lights, camera, action" in the borough's North Shore.

Local film maker Chris Victor is working on a yet-to-be-named documentary highlighting the Island's booming area.

Victor thought of the idea last year while he was looking to buy property on the Island.

He's interviewing real estate developers, residents, and business owners about the history and growth of the borough and what it will mean for future generations.

"The more I came out here, the more I sort of discovered Staten Island as something that's sort of undiscovered, you know? This "forgotten borough" tag they they've had on this borough and it shouldn't be forgotten. There is so much going on here," Victor said.

"There's so much here. We want to present that — myself, visually, as a director — to really look, there is so much here on Staten Island. This is a beautiful landscape," Director Joe Gawalis said.