The city's Health Department is working on a plan to get all New Yorkers healthier by 2020.

Take Care New York recently released the findings of their research. They found that NYC residents' priorities for getting healthier differ from borough to borough.

On Staten Island, workers from the Health Department went out and asked Staten Islanders what health issues were important to them.

Two nonprofits in the borough were also tapped to find out, specifically, what the concerns are for residents in Stapleton/Park Hill and Mariners Harbor.

In both areas, violence was found to be the top priority.

Since then, the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness has taken that information and reached out to the community resources in the hopes of addressing the violence issue.

They've worked to secure more work force development and job opportunities in Stapleton and Park Hill.

Their action plan was also recently submitted to the DOH for consideration.

"It is important for stakeholders and community-based organizations to be part of the solution in order to make it sustainable. And to make impactful change, you want to have it owned by the community that is being impacted," said Adrienne Abbate, the executive director at the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness.

The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness, whose plan also addresses Park Hill, plans to present their report to the community and local elected officials as well.

Project Hospitality is the nonprofit working to help Mariners Harbor residents address the violence issue.