The city has fined a supporter of Donald Trump after a local artist put up a giant "T" sign on his property. The sign garnered a lot of attention nationwide, including from the President-Elect himself. NY1's Aaron Dickens filed the following report.

A 16-foot tall "T" sign on the lawn of a Castleton Corners homeowner got alot of attention throughout the presidential election. Now the city has issued the homeowner, Sam Pirozzolo, a $2,400 fine.

"Typical city BS. Haters," said Pirozzolo.

The Castleton Corners Resident, a Donald Trump supporter, allowed artist Scott LoBaido to put up the sign, which was a larger replacement of another one that someone burned down. Trump himself even called Pirozzolo after the arson to thank him for his support. Pirozzolo says the T was in response to attacks on Trump supporters across the country.

"Scott came up with this idea of a giant T because it could represent anything. If could represent Trump or represent tolerance because of what was happening," he said.

In August, Pirozzolo received a summons from the Department of Buidlings. It said because the sign was over 12 feet tall, he was violating a zoning law. But Pirozzolo has a different take on the "T."

"First of all its not a sign. Artwork is not governed by restriction zoning regulations for signs," he added.

Still, at a recent DOB hearing, officials ruled it was a violation and ordered Pirozzolo to pay.

Pirozzolo is appealing the ruling. He says if it's not reversed, he plans to take the case to state supreme court.

Pirozzolo has created a gofundme page he says he'll use for the fine and fees associated with it. He has raised a little over $1,000.

"I feel it was a fine not so much against me but against America and our right for free speech. I put this up so people could see the ongoing battle," he said.

Pirozzolo says any extra money he raises will go toward veterans charities, pro-Trump organizations, and more artwork he plans to put up on his lawn.

NY1 reached out to the Department of Buildings for a response, but did not hear back.