A painting of St. Mark's Place in Manhattan. Pictures of streets in Buenos Aires and other cities around the world.

Students at Hunter College say they’re using these pictures as a vision for Staten Island’s future.

"We are putting them up on the walls kind of to get the creative juices flowing to make people think about what a design could look like for the Bay Street Corridor," said Daniel Silverman, a student at Hunter College.

The graduate students from the College's Urban Policy and Planning program are currently studying the corridor from St. George to Rosebank to see what improvements can be made. This, in the midst of big development projects and expected rezoning on the north shore.

"There is a very rich cultural district on the north shore of Staten Island that we want to highlight as well as improve the area for the people who live here themselves," added Silverman.

The students held a workshop with residents, business owners and non-profits Tuesday night to get their input on the project. They are teaming up with Staten Island Downtown Alliance, a local development corporation on the north shore that has been around for 40 years.

"Our goal here is to talk about this community beyond the rezoning, which the mayor is doing, but to talk about all the components along with that zoning will bring people from the ferry into the community," said the Alliance.

Participants discussed improvements that could be made at the ferry terminal and on Bay Street.

Others were concerned about overcrowded schools in the area.

"We don't have enough seats for the kids are that in school today so building more housing means we don't have a place for the kids coming in," said a Rosebank Resident.

The groups also discussed transportation and housing. Some we spoke with were concerned they could be priced out of the neighborhood.

"My main concern is for the single parents who live on one single income and the senior citizens," said a Park Hill resident.

The students say they will release a final plan in January.

The Alliance says it will be a blueprint they can present to the community boards and city agencies in the future.