Students are getting some help as they prepare for their return to the classroom.

National nonprofit Kars 4 Kids hosted a free backpack giveaway Thursday at the Goodhue Center.

Hundreds of kids from across the borough went home with a brand-new bag in the color of their choice.

Organizers say they hope to ease the financial burden many families face this time of year.

"There's so much that's on your mind that you're getting ready for. It's the new clothing and the new backpacks and that whole long supply list, from the glue to the pencils, and really it does add up. Especially if you have more than one child," said Wendy Kirwan, Kars4Kids.

"This is a big help because school supplies like a backpack is $20 for kids and they don't use it all year long," said Haydee Nelson, a mother.

Kars 4 Kids says it handed out 500 backpacks during the event.