Parents took over the sidewalk in front of P.S. 37 in Great Kills Wednesday. They wanted to bring attention to the special needs school on Shafter Avenue.

"Oh my god is it ever overcrowded. The school is very tiny. We have about 74 students here," said the PTA president.

Dozens of parents attended the rally, calling on the department of education to build a new school solely for special needs students. Organizers say they have been reaching out to the city for several years.

"We are the only self-contained school on the island right now. We want to keep it that way. We cannot go into the general ed population. That's what Carmen Farina wants us to do," said an organizer.

Other parents we spoke with say because their kids cannot get into PS 37 they have to attend a special needs program at a general ed school.

"It cannot just be classroom set up in a cafeteria in a high school and saying this is your school. Its not a school," said a parent.

Community Education Council President Michael Reilly says the special needs programs at general education schools are adequate, but he says they are not for everyone.

"Some of these students have sensory issues where if they have a loud noise they get very disturbed. When you have a set place of them to be to accommodate their special needs. That's what these families want," said Reilly.

DOE Officials tell us they are working to meet the student needs in the area, with plans already in place to expand the special needs program at New Dorp High School.