With acts of terrorism happening all over the world, some Staten Islanders are making sure they know how to stay safe in a dangerous situation. NY1's Shannan Ferry filed the following report.

How do you protect yourself if you're ever caught in an active shooting situation? Dozens packed the JCC on Manor Road Monday night to find out. 

"The way the world is going, we don't know when or where we may be attacked," said Laura Lyngholm, a New Dorp resident.

The NYPD and the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island hosted an anti-terrorism seminar to teach the community security measures. 

"If all of us know what precautions we can take, it will save lives," said Mendy Mirocznik, the president of COJO Staten Island.

Police say there are three options during an active shooting. Number one, evacuate if you can do so safely. Avoid elevators by using stairwells and exterior doors to get away. Plus, keep your hands open, empty and above your head when police arrive. 

If that's not an option, barricade and hide. Designate a safe room with thick walls, solid doors, few windows, first aid kits and duress alarms.  You can also hide behind furniture that provides ballistic covering like a file cabinet. 

"It's wide, it has layers of protection and it's known to help stop some high-caliber weapons," said Deputy Inspector Terence Hurson of the NYPD.

The last option is to confront or take action against your shooter. The NYPD says it's important to act quickly, aggressively and collectively. Plus, use improvised weapons like a chair or a pot of coffee. 

Law enforcement officials say it's also important to remember that if you're calling 911, they can only track your location if you're using a landline phone. If you're using a cellphone. you need to tell them exactly where you are.

"For instance, a college campus could be acres in size," Hurson said. 

Lastly, if you see something, say something. You can report suspicious activity by calling 888-692-7233 or by emailing NYCSAFE@nypd.org.