Just what is Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro up to?

The 2018 GOP nominee for governor on Wednesday released a video on social media and by his political arm that looks lot like the announcement for a campaign. Another run for the executive mansion? Or is he considering a run for Congress?

“I will let the video speak for itself," Molinaro said. "I’m dedicated to the work at hand in my county - and will work to hold Albany and Washington accountable to the people it serves. I’ve not ruled anything out.”

The video features Molinaro making a plea for common ground, which is also the name of the video itself. 

"One cannot love America without loving Americans," Molinaro said in the video. "Not just the Americans who you agree with or those who look like you or belong to the same political party, but all Americans."

The video is being released as jockeying for 2022 is starting to get underway for Republicans and Democrats as Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces a range of controversies and bipartisan calls for his resignation. 

Rep. Lee Zeldin has already declared his intention to run for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and Rep. Elise Stefanik has also not ruled out running. 

At the same time, district lines for Congress are set to be redrawn based on the most recent round of Census data from last year -- further putting up in the air what the political landscape might look like in 2022.