A Queens school principal is being recognized for her commitment to technology education. 

Allison Persad of the Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria was recently named one of three 2019 Digital Principals of the Year.  The award is named by National Association of Secondary School Principals and recognizes educators who have employed technology to better teach children.

In her nearly five year tenure at the all girls school, Persad's team has launched a seven year software study track, digital media classes, and middle school computer classes.  Each student at the school also has access to a laptop.

Persad says "it's really important to us to have each girl have agency and ownership in their future and their lives. So we're preparing girls for a world that we don't even know what it will look like or exist in the next decade."

She and two other winners will be recognized and speak at an all expenses paid principal's conference later in July.