QUEENS, N.Y. - As the partial government shutdown enters week three, thousands of New York's federal workers are without a paycheck. The impact is being felt at airports where a growing number of TSA and Customs and Border Protection employees are calling out of work. 

"People are putting in sick days and I don't blame them," said one air traveler.

On Sunday, Senator Charles Schumer held a news conference, blaming President Donald Trump and warning that each day that goes by makes airports less safe and hurts the pockets of federal workers. 

"They have been working without pay. Many of them are not able to show up at work. They can't commute," Schumer said.

President Trump ordered the shutdown back in December after Democrats refused to join Republicans in their efforts to fund construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. During his campaign, Trump had assured voters that Mexico would foot the bill for a wall. 

NY1 talked with travelers at LaGuardia Airport on Sunday who say they want to see solutions, and fast.

"It's a shame for any government shutdown. I think Congress and the president should do their jobs. [And if they don't?] Well, we'll throw them out of office with our votes," said one air traveler.

"I think they need quit bickering and come to a conclusion and open our government back up," said another air traveler.

In a statement, the TSA said they don't have the local numbers of call outs, but on a national level there is no significant dip in attendance. 

But the Air Line Pilots Association sent the president a letter urging him to immediately end the shutdown because it adversely affects the "safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system." 

However, those who support the president say the shutdown is a minor inconvenience, if it reduces illegal immigration. 

"We should do something about the security of this country. If there's no security, we don't have country. So it has to be a shutdown. It has to be a shutdown," said one traveler.

NY1 did speak to two TSA workers off-camera. One said things are running perfectly smooth at LaGuardia and they do have enough workers. Another said that some of his colleagues have had to pick up overtime shifts to cover those calling out.