Volunteers with the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association and the Family Church picked up trash and removed weeds throughout their neighborhood on Sunday.

They said they chose locations that are currently "not addressed by sanitation".

The cleanup was held in the hopes of garnering the attention of DSNY officials.  

They said that they've asked the DSNY to increase street cleaning in their neighborhood.

However, they said that DSNY officials would only agree to the increase if street cleaning was conducted 4 times a week.

They said they'd like the DSNY to reconsider and limit any additional street sweeping to twice a week, once on each side of the street.

They said that they'd still like the street cleaning option be up to the residents of each street but felt there would be more incentive for them to participate if it was limited to twice a week.  

They said moving their cars up to four times a week can be inconvenient.

According to the DSNY, they don't normally get requests like this and said they usually come through a community board.

The Community Board, after discussing and voting on the proposal, would then make an official request to the Department of Sanitation.

DSNY also can't make changes to street cleaning regulations unless they are for the entire district, not a portion or only a couple blocks.

The scorecard for street cleanliness has also increased from 88.6% to 93.5%, according to the DSNY.