Some Queens families are left wondering what to do after an outage has left them potentially without gas for months. Unable to cook at home, they wonder how they will feed their families.

More than 100 residents at the Ocean Bay Apartments - a New York City Housing Authority complex in the Rockaways - lost gas more than a week ago. There's no word on what caused the outage. However, a Housing Authority representative says the gas may not be restored until late August, because of safety and asbestos checks.

Residents who have been cooking on City issue hot plates, are fuming.

Doris Terry, a resident at the complex says "If you've got five and six kids, three and four kids, how can you use one burner to cook one thing at a time? And then, by the time you ready to cook something else it get done, everything is cold."

In response, a NYCHA spokeswoman said “We are engaging in extensive, ongoing outreach with our residents, including the distribution of hot plates, to keep them informed as we work to restore service as quickly as possible.”