Five New York City Housing Authority, NYCHA, communities in Queens will be getting solar power.

It's part of a city-wide program to bring clean and low cost energy to low to moderate income New Yorkers.

During a press conference Thursday, officials at NYCHA said solar power will be installed at 14 developments including Queens Bridge North, Queensbridge South, Pomonok Houses, Carleton Manor and Beach 41st Street Beach Channel Drive.

The city's goal is to install 25 megawatts of solar capacity, which would power up to 6,600 households, by 2025.

Officials said this large scale effort will be instrumental in meeting the city’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050.

"[It’s] harnessing the scale of the new york city house authority which is the largest residential landlord in the country- um harnessing our scale to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and making our city a healthy and safer place to be," said Shola Olatoye, NYCHA Chair and CEO.

The city is currently seeking developers to install the solar panels at the 14 sites by 2019.