From shoes to dresses, all of her creations are 100% edible.

Chocolate Fashionistas is all the work of artist Moran Etstein.

She started her company Drizzle, out of her Astoria apartment three years ago.

"I combine two of my biggest passions, fashion and chocolate" said Etstein.

Each of the edible figures takes between four and five hours to make depending on the detail.

Inspiration for her designs come from Etstein's daily life in New York City as well as her customers.

"If you know just ran out of ideas of what to get your friend for her birthday, just send me a picture of her favorite dress and I will recreate it from chocolate."

And while the designs may look complex, Etstein said the ingredients are simple.

"Milk, dark chocolate also caramel chocolate from a good brand, so in one bite you get three or four different flavors, and it is yummy, so it doesn't only look good, it also taste good."

Etstein's life-like chocolate designs aren’t yet sold in stores, so she gets the word out about her business through social media and trade shows.

Most recently she set up shop at the second annual Big Chocolate Show in Manhattan.

She said these types of events lead to collaboration opportunities, and with the holiday season approaching, Etstein has big plans.

"Chocolate artists and fashion designers. I want to do window displays for Christmas   all about chocolates."

But for now she says the crowds she draws at the various shows is rewarding.

Visitors can't seem to walk by without snapping a photo.

"They always say, we have never seen something like that. And it fills me with so much joy" said Etstein.