Delta Air Lines employees roll up their sleeves to help rebuild a home in St. Albans. The project is part of ongoing partnership between the air line and Habitat for Humanity New York City.  NY1's Gene Apodaca was there as they celebrated a milestone.

Ripping out insulation isn’t a typical job for Sabrina Smith.

“I actually do strategy and planning so I stare at spreadsheets a lot,” said Smith.

But, on Wednesday the Delta Air Lines employee was more than happy to trade in her briefcase for a crowbar.

“It’s very different than what we do, kind of sitting behind computers on a day to day.  But, a nice skill to have nonetheless and again it’s for a great cause,“ said Smith.

Smith is one of more than 200 Delta employees who are helping to rehab a three bedroom home in St. Albans over the next two weeks.    

It’s part of a partnership with Habitat for Humanity New York City, which this year marks a huge milestone.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this work without partners like Delta Air Lines," said Sabrina Lippman, VP of Resource Development at Habitat for Human NYC.

"What’s incredible, even more so, they are celebrating a decade of partnership right here in New York City and more than a million dollars in giving to helping restore homes just like this one,“ said Lippman.

To date, Delta volunteers have helped rebuild some 247 homes across the city.

“This is for the less fortunate if we are able to put a little piece of our time for somebody else to be blessed, I think it’s priceless,“ said Delta employee, Ernie Perez.

The house is just one of 20 homes in the borough that Habitat for Humanity is rehabilitating,  providing affordable housing for low and moderate income families.

The dilapidated homes were purchased from the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) for a dollar each.  

The goal is to preserve affordable housing for hardworking families.  

Habitat will turn over the home to its new owner in the coming weeks.

“We are very proud of the partnership, but, we’re more proud that in Queens people want to live here and stay here and we are providing the housing in order to do that,“ said Queens Borough President, Melinda Katz.

As for Delta, Habitat for Humanity plans to honor the company’s contributions, at its annual fundraiser next month.

A contribution made possible by employees like Smith, who’s walking away with more than just construction experience.

“It’s always nice to give back and support the folks around us that make New York City such a great place to live,“ said Smith.