Inventors of all ages are convening at the New York Hall of Science this weekend for the 8th annual Maker Faire.  It's considered the 'Greatest Show and Tell on Earth.'  NY1's Lisa Voyticki explains why.

Look no further than the 8th annual Maker Faire to see the proof behind the saying 'If you can believe it. you can achieve it.'

The convention kicked off Saturday at the New York Hall of Science in Corona.Inventors and science enthusiasts from across the world are sharing ideas and offering a one-of-a-kind experience for Queens residents.

"Both of my kids seem to love science so I thought it'd be a great opportunity," said Cara Phillips, a parent from Laurelton.

"The most impressive was that giant T-rex, the giant dinosaur robot," said her son, Preston.

Spectators are able to see nearly 3,000 makers including sisters Stephanie and Elizabeth Vicarte from Hagerstown, Maryland.

The high school violinists have invented a way for people who are hearing imparied to enjoy music.

As the violin plays, lights on an attached LED screen move.

"The intensity of the vibration of the string represents how long the LED's go," said Stephanie Vicarte. 

There was everything from music to machines.

Robot enthusiasts were pleased to  meet R2AE, a pink prototype of R2-D2 from the "Star Wars" movie.

The builder, John Endres of Long Island, says it took about two years to make.  She comes with an electronic cup holder, and through a remote, Endres can have her play music.

"She has a periscope in the dome, she has a little waiver so she can wave at you, she'll talk to you," said Endres.

But if you don't want to talk, there was also an exhibit where you could take a break.  NYU graduate student Baris Siniksaran was showing off a headset that attendees could put on and use to meditate.  

The device also tracks your brain waves.  

"We're trying to see how much we can increase the capacity of the human brain," said Siniksaran.  

The co-founder of Maker Faire, Sherry Huss, says each year she sees exhibitors come back, bigger and better than before.

"[They] get inspired by what others are doing, repeat, think about it , and come back next year with a brand new project," said Huss.  

The fair continues Sunday from 10am to 6pm.   You can get tickets online at or at the gate.  

Huss adds the New York show is one of the largest, and one of 220 around the world in 48 countries. ​