Queens seniors got tech savvy in Sunnyside on Thursday.

Congressman Joseph Crowley and AT&T hosted a "Cellphones for Seniors" event at the Sunnyside Community Services Center.

Attendees got the opportunity to ask volunteers and experts questions about their cellphones. Organizers said this was a great way to help seniors maximize the use of their phones.

“Many of us buy these for our parents or our grandparents and it's kind of like opening a new world to them; but at the same time unless they know how to use it, it's really not being used as much as it possibly could to get the most out of it,” said Crowley.

“There certainly is a learning curve when it's not given to you when you’re born,” said AT&T New York President Marissa Shorenstein.

Seniors got help learning how to text, save contacts, take pictures, and use video chat software like Skype or FaceTime.