The city has started an investigation of a substance abuse treatment center in South Jamaica, alleging discrimination against transgender patients.

The Queens Village Committee for Mental Health for J-CAP on Sutphin Boulevard is among four centers across the city now under investigation.

The centers are accused of violating the city's Human Rights Law by refusing to admit transgender patients, assigning rooms according to patients' gender assigned at birth rather than their gender identity, and subjecting patients to physical exams to determine their gender identity.

The city's Human Rights Commission received complaints from a transgender advocacy group in September.

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the centers could face fines of up to $250,000 or be forced to re-train their employees.

The center denies the allegations. A spokesperson for J-CAP told NY1, “We do not discriminate against transgender individuals. We have and will continue to accept and house them as they identify in accordance with prevailing law.”