A Forest Hills writer is celebrating his not-quite-so-normal life with a new memoir.

Bob Brody's Playing Catch with Strangers: A Family Guy (Reluctantly) Comes of Age will be published on Father's Day.

The book is about Brody’s successes and failures; his attempts to be a good son, a good husband, a good father and a good son-in-law.

He chronicles his upbringing with deaf parents, getting stabbed in the chest five weeks after moving into his first apartment, and almost blowing his first date with his future wife thanks to a drunken remark.

“If it helps people at all, that's purely a byproduct,” Brody said. “I was just trying to tell a story that mattered to me, and so if it matters to others too, that's terrific. That's a bonus.”

Brody's book urges fathers and mothers to “recount your origins, your struggles, your triumphs” in writing to “leave behind a legacy more valuable than any insurance policy.”