Service members are getting their hands dirty for a good cause. As NY1's Shannan Ferry explains, it's all part of Fleet Week.

From the sea, to the streets of Queens. Some service members spent their day helping others in need.

"This is a great opportunity for us to come out here help out, show our support for the community which has shown such great support for us so far," said Patrick Tapp, U.S. Navy. 

They're in New York for the 29th annual Fleet Week, the city's time-honored celebration of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. 

But instead of basking in the glory, some service members performed demolition work to kick off construction for a new home. 

"I've been very blessed in my life in my career and if I can take some time out my day to come be able to help somebody else, it feels good," said Kevin Johnson, U.S. Navy. 

It's all in partnership with Habitat for Humanity New York City.  It's the 5th year the non-profit has collaborated with Fleet Week New York. 

The house in Jamaica is one of 23 going up in Brooklyn and Queens.

"I'm hot I'm sweaty, it is worth it, I'm happy to be doing it," said Skyler Mendozo, U.S. Marine Corps. 

Organizers said you don't need any experience to get involved too. They said they're always looking for volunteers and can teach you everything you need to know.

"Volunteers can learn everything from tiling to remodeling work on putting up sheet rock or dry wall, to help us putting flooring," said VP of Volunteer Services Jennifer Schwerin. 

Service members said it's an honor to take part. 

They said with all of the support they've received, they're happy to pay it forward.

"I feel humbled because I just go out there and do my job like everybody else, but to some others that means a lot," said Aimie Savio, U.S. Navy. 

Organizers said their service means a lot indeed, both out at sea and here at the work site.