What will Flushing look like three decades from now? Local leaders are getting input from the community to find out.

Asian Americans for Equality released the report "Flushing 2050 - Envisioning Our Future Together" at a conference on Friday. It's part of the Flushing 2050 initiative that began earlier this year.

Residents, property owners and elected officials discussed how they would like to see Flushing change over time. Much of the discussion centered on helping small businesses, alleviating congestion and increased access to affordable housing.

“We really want to make sure that the continued development of Flushing, that we have a comprehensive vision and plan so that we could really accommodate growth,” said Christopher Kui, Executive Director of Asian Americans for Equality.

“Make sure that everyone has a say,” said Assembly Member Ron Kim. “Make sure our libraries are fully funded, our local schools, our small business owners. That everyone has a voice in the process moving forward.”

The goal of the conference was to establish an action plan that includes representation from all the different stakeholders in the community.