Seniors in Northeast Queens will find it a little easier getting around thanks to a new transportation program.

City Council Member Paul Vallone and Selfhelp Community Services announced the launch of the pilot program Thursday. They say seniors in the area have a hard time getting from place to place because of a lack of mass transit options, and what they say is unreliable service from Access-A-Ride.

The new service will provide door-to-door trips to the doctor, shopping centers, or cultural institutions.

“We know that it's going to help people get around the neighborhood, get to doctors’ appointments, also take part in fun cultural activities like things at Flushing Town Hall and the museums,” said Sandy Myers of Selfhelp Community Services.

“Folks aren't happy with Access-A-Ride,” added Vallone. “So by providing a brand-new senior transportation service - unlimited - is the first of its kind. We were trying to find something similar and it just doesn't exist. So we're very happy.”

For more information, call the Clearview Senior Center at 718-224-7888.