An elementary school auditorium in Bayside is receiving its first upgrade since before World War II.

P.S. 31's auditorium will receive a $250,000 renovation.

Funding for the project came from money set aside in City Council member Paul Vallone's budget.

The makeover will include replacing chairs and laying a new floor, as well as a new stage.

Currently, the auditorium acts as a classroom, meeting place and hub for student performances and awards.

"So many of the kids have been involved in our drama program and in our chorus, and they are in the auditorium all the time, and they know the value of it," said PS 31 Principal Terri Graybow.

"It is the heart of the school. Everything goes on right here. So once you can upgrade for the children, the joy and happiness goes throughout the whole school," Vallone said.

Officials with P.S. 31 are meeting with the School Construction Authority to plan a start date for construction.