Student photographers from LaGuardia Community College are showcasing their work at a new branch of Astoria Bank.

The branch opened a year ago on Jackson Avenue.

The new exhibit, called "LIC Past, Present & Future", includes snapshots of Long Island City.

Employees say the exhibit is the perfect show for the company, because Astoria Bank was founded in Long Island City more than 125 years ago.

“Me and my friends we would go around Long Island City and kind of just adventure and take pictures and see what we could come up with,” said photography student Bria Josephs.

“To be able to show their work outside the college, to have it be curated, to have it be professionally hung, to have it in this place where people are coming and going and looking at their work is really pretty amazing,” added Gail Mellow, President of the college.

Astoria Bank awarded the student photographers $500 in scholarship money to help them pay for tuition and photo supplies.

The exhibit will be up for all customers who walk in until April 30th 2017.