A rather dull piece of concrete in Elmhurst has received a colorful makeover.

Flushing artist Brittany Baldwin and New York Cares volunteers updated a street barrier opposite the Queens Center Mall Thursday.

It was part of the City Transportation Department's Barrier Beautification program, which gives new artistic life to old street structures.

Baldwin says the new design on Woodhaven and Queens Boulevards is meant to carry a happy summer spirit into the chilly winter months.

"We don't want them walking by this bland, boring wall. We really want to put something in that's more inviting and interesting, especially here during the holiday season," said Courtney Whitelocke, Project Manager of the NYCDOT Art Program.

"It gets really, really cold and people don't want, are just rushing home, something beautiful for them to see when they're walking by on their commute," Baldwin said.

The next beautification site is yet to be determined, but officials say there's an open call for artists this winter.