A comic icon from Queens is the focus of a new mural just around the corner from his childhood home in Kew Gardens.

501 See Streets teamed up with Italian artist Francesca Robicci to paint a mural of Rodney Dangerfield that was unveiled on Tuesday.

"Local legends, local businesses, they get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of the city," said Noah Sheroff, the founder of 501 See Streets.

The well-known standup comedian and actor attended Richmond Hill High School and grew up near the cinema wall where the mural is painted.

Residents say they are excited to see the new addition to the neighborhood.

"It just brings light and lightness to this park and it brings well known personality and helps to remind people about the impact they had in the world," said Kew Gardens resident Grace Anker.

The mural is a tribute of sorts as its completion comes a day ahead of the 12th anniversary of Dangerfield's death.