The only functional printing press in Queens has now been in use for one year.

To celebrate, the Rockaway Artists Alliance allowed members of the public to see the printing press at an event in Fort Tilden on Sunday.

"They get really excited," said Victoria Barber with the Rockaway Artists Alliance. "When it goes through the roller and they peel back the paper — it's magic."

The exhibit "Inksplash" debuted in the location at the same time.

The exhibit features art created by people using the printing press.

According to representatives of the alliance, print artists from around the country have come to use the press.

They add that while the printing press might be an old piece of equipment it can still bring people together to learn something new.

"You bring people and you exchange knowledge and beauty," said Christian LeGars, the curator for "InkSplash".

The exhibition is on display through November 13.