Queensborough Community College unveiled three newly-renovated chemistry labs Tuesday.

State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky provided the institution with a $250,000 grant to help them pay for new lab equipment.  The updates include new bench-tops, works stations and other equipment.

Educators say they are grateful for Senator Stavisky's efforts.  

“She takes the time to make sure that education remains a priority in New York State,” said Diane Call, President of Queensborough Community College.

“Now that I'm in this new space, you know, before you weren't able to see the professor as much because it was so cluttered. You had very little work space. Now it just has a more comfortable environment, a more professional environment,” added student Farbod Hadizadh.

Staff members at the college say the new labs and machinery make it easier to teach in a hands-on way as well as further their research.