A local theatre is doing its part to give back after last week's earthquake in Italy.

The Secret Theatre is selling special $20 tickets to their upcoming run of William Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice."

$5 from each of the sales will go to a relief organization in Italy.

An earthquake struck a town about 86 miles northeast of Rome last Wednesday, devastating the area.

Organizers told NY1 that their upcoming performance is the perfect way for them to help out.

"We're in a play set in Italy. We're in an area that's got a lot of Italian influence. There's a big Italian community in Long Island City. And it seemed just apropos to actually give something to those people," said The Secret Theatre's Richard Mazda.

"When disasters happen around the world, as artists, I think we have a responsibility to reach out, either artistically or financially. So I thought that it was just the right thing to do," said Alberto Bonilla of the Secret Theatre.

The curtain rises at The Secret Theatre on Thursday. To learn more about the performance, visit www.secrettheatre.com