An effort that combines food, crowd funding and serves as forum for feedback has come back to Flushing.

Earlier this month, the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce introduced "SOUP community dinners" to local residents.

The SOUP model asks attendees for a small donation to attend a community potluck where they eat and listen to local entrepreneurs pitch their ideas.

At the last meeting the focus was on projects that could help clean up and beautify the neighborhood.

This time, participants voted for the idea they liked best and the winner walked away with the money raised at the potluck.

"Flushing has a really high population. It has a lot of foot traffic. There's people everywhere and we have a lot of food too, so I think specifically for soup it works out," said John Choe, the Executive Director of the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce.

"We had environmental groups and other people looking at the environment. I think those are things that are not being addressed by other groups in Flushing , so the chamber really wanted to step forward and really provide some leadership," said Cody Herman, the Project Coordinator at the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce.

The project winner was an “Adopt a Block” plan that will reach out to local businesses about clean-up effort.

They also have plans to clean up a portion of Roosevelt Ave.