Bayside residents say over-development is threatening the quality of life in their neighborhood. 

State Senator Tony Avella gathered with locals to call for more oversight on construction projects happening in low density neighborhoods.

They're protesting the construction of a so called "McMansion" in the same location where a semi attached one-family home once stood. 

Most homes in the neighborhood mirror each other and residents say it's not fair to have major development in a neighborhood meant for small homes. 

"The other home owner has to have some rights as to what gets built next to them because it's an attached house. What happens to this poor home owner, now they have no choice, but to sell because their quality of life is gone." said Avella.

"Schools are overcrowded and instances like this are just adding to the issues." said Bayside Resident Mary Parrino.

The Department of Buildings has recently placed a stop work order on the construction site. A DOB spokesperson says inspectors found the construction work was contrary to the approved plans.