City Councilman Daniel Dromm presented a check for almost $300,000 to the "Naturally Occurring Retirement Community" program in Jackson Heights Wednesday.

The group provides housing, transportation, medical and financial services to nearly 2,500 senior residents.

Dromm says he is personally connected to this organization.

"Actually, at one time, my mother lived in this development, and so my mother utilized these services at one time. She's now in a nursing home, but, you know, it helped prevent her having to go into the nursing home," Dromm said.

"People don't have their original families around, and we have become the family for everyone, the extended family. And if we didn't have his financial assistance, we would not be able to function," said resident Judy Grubin.

This is the second time Dromm saved the program from closure after the city announced last year that it would not fund the services in Northridge, Brulene, and Southridge retirement communities.