For Mark Adams and Jonathan Quash--the second album is the charm. Adams is on the keys and Quash provides the vocals.
Together they're the Q&A Experience.

"You don't have to be a jazz lover to like this record. And it'll expose the people who don't usually listen to jazz or instrumental music," Adams said.

The duo teaches music classes at York College. Quash is a Jamaica native and a York graduate. He also founded the school's gospel choir 10 years ago. He says he finds inspiration in his home borough and its rich musical history.

"There's so many different cultures represented. And I think part of the beauty of the music of Queens, is that you can hear a little bit of all of that culture anywhere you go, whether it's the subway or whether you're on a street corner," Quash said.

Adams and Quash say it’s important to share their love for music with the entire community by playing free concerts.

"We don't want this art to get lost. And I think exposing it to the community is important," Adams explained. 

The newest single "Here We Go Again" is being played on more than 40 jazz stations across the country and is currently number one in Las Vegas.

"It's essentially a love story. You know, where as you're falling in love, here we go again when love does not work out. And you know, I think a lot of us can relate to that," Quash said.

Some students from York College can relate. Mass Communications and Technology students created the music video for the single. For more information about the album, you can head to